Meal prep done easy for the lazy (like me!)

Meal prepping is important, because it makes following a diet easier, whichever your goal is: weight loss, bulking, cutting etc. But!! It takes time that sometimes we don't always have.

For my part, I didn't have time to do my meal prep this weekend because I went away to see my grandparents, so I decided to make something today that is almost effortless (also with very little washing-up to do, hooray!) to make up for my lack of preparation. I only used a chopping board, a bowl and an oven dish, and overall it took me 15 min to prepare and 30 min to cook my 4 meals! Check mate 🤗 Find recipe below!

*Oven Veggies with Fish*


- 4 fish fillets

- baby corn 130g

- broccoli 360g

- carrots 500g

- asparragus 100g

- olive oil, vinegar, lime, parsley

- seasoning



1) Preheat oven at 200°C Fan

2) Marinate the fish fillets with seasoning, 2 Tsp olive oil, 1 Tsp vinegar, lime juice, parsley and leave in the fridge while taking care of veggies.

3) Chop all veggies into a large bowl, add 2 Tsp olive oil, seasoning and mix.

4) Put fillets at the bottom of oven dish with marinade and cover with veggies. Cook for 30 minutes and voilà! Meal prep done.

You can also throw in some baby potatoes for carbs, which means still less washing up to do 😍

You can now enjoy the rest of your evening to relax or do other things 😀😀

I put my meals into individual tupperwares for easy transportation. As it is Monday, I have put one in the fridge and two in the freezer, that I intended to remove each day before, in order to keep my meals fresh for each day and ensure proper conservation.

Because I use the app MyFitnessPal to count calories, it is easy to add in this recipe with each ingredient, and the app works out automatically the amount of calories per serving, a definite time saver to keep track of all my intakes!!

MyFitnessPal recipe oven veggies with fish easy meal prep


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