It's time for a change! - 5 steps to a better you

Hey there #JuicyGal!

Do you sometimes feel stuck in a routine? Do you want to turn things around and become the version 2.0 of yourself?

Well, we all know that's easier said than done.. I know I've struggled with it in the past 10 years of years from going to university, to moving to different countries, to having to make new friends. So many things changed around me and I ended up losing stability and drive in my life. I was eating and staying in, not being so social, not getting involved with other people.

Then I was introduced to the gym and it changed my life. Even if I had always been quite active with martial arts, I had lost that sense of challenge that is part of my nature. Weight lifting sparked up that competitiveness in me I thought was gone, and there I was pushing myself and reaching my goals. Along the way I found some amazing people who kept pushing me to continue and never abandon, people I could look up to who showed me that I had the potential to do much more than I ever thought I could. Weightlifting has become a way for me to outdo and prove myself, a release from stress and a way to feel great (as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde said "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!").

So I am telling you, you can too! Whatever it is you want to do, if you want it enough, you will do everything in your power to get it. If I can resume my experience in a few steps, it would be the following:

1) Discover your passion - find your talent, a skill you'd like to improve, or the thing you want to change in your life.

2)  Find someone to mentor you - it can be as much of a distant role model you admire as much as someone close to you who supports you and motivates you, pushes you upwards. 

3) Release your inner drive - when you've fallen down, just get back up! Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to change, improve, achieve and succeed.

4) Keep on going - don't lose sight of your goals. It's not a race, its a marathon. Understand and accept that achieving goals takes time, dedication and hard work.

5) Be proud of yourself - feeling great starts by feeling good about your achievements however small or big they may be. The important part is to get things done!


Wearing clothes that make you feel confident and sexy is one of many ways to feel great! They make you ready to tackle your day and take back charge of your life.

This is exactly our mission here at Haus of Juicy, and we want to contribute to you feeling great by providing amazing clothes for you to wear at the gym, your yoga studio, your dance class, or just to be comfortably stylish walking around town!

There is no time for dullness.

Be Bold, be You, be #HausofJuicy!


With Love,

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