Holidays are awesome! But wait - what about my diet?!

It feels great being away from home, taking a break from work and life's everyday stressful routine. I personally enjoy going on weekend trips to chase a bit of sun, and relax in front of a peaceful scenery. At the same, that also means being away from the gym, and most importantly from healthy home-made meal preps.

On top of that, I have an incredibly sweet tooth and the sight of any kind of pastry, cake or ice crean makes me salivate instantly! 🙈 I tell myself "Go on treat yourself, you're on holiday!". But then I remind myself that I've put in so much work to reach my fitness goals that I wouldn't want to undo all of my efforts over two days.

So in order to overcome for this, my solution has been to follow these 2 main points:

1) I prepare my trip by making sure I have enough healthy snacks for the duration of my stay and travel. I pack up nuts, protein bars, or simply whey to avoid eating unhealthy snack foods full of fat or sugar.

2) I allow myself one "cheat snack" a day, where I can enjoy richer foods to satisfy my taste buds' cravings, and the rest of the day east as much veggies and healthy food as possible, especially if I won't be exercising as intensely as i normally do. For example, eating fresh salads with meat or fish and little dressing from a restaurant can be a good alternative to home-cooked food, in order to make up for that soft-serve italian ice cream I'd want to as an afternoon treat.

One of the keys to not overthrowing your diet and hard work is to keep balancing what you eat and being reasonable. Indeed, holiday does not have to rhyme with excess!! Just remember you should always enjoy yourself, all in moderation, so that you can get away with not counting calories on vacation 🤗😀.

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