JuicyTalk No.2 - Make moves!

We don't always welcome change in our lives because it disrupts our routine and balance, and even sometimes everything we thought we knew about life!

Instead of fighting it, embrace it and run for it. Make moves that in a few weeks, months or years time you will be proud to look back on because those moves will have contributed to your happiness and success.

If you don't like your job, if you're in love with someone else, if you want to improve your endurance, if you want to become stronger, just do it - excuses never got anyone anywhere. Look for another job, ask that person out, run until your legs don't work, and push that weight until your muscles are numb.

Let today, like every other day, be that day you decided to make a bold move for tomorrow. 
Let today be the day you decided to be a happier, stonger and healthier you.


Haus of Juicy is by your side, but mostly on your body😍, to keep motivating you into making moves for a better life. Make colourful changes for your workout wardrobe with our range of cute and bold pieces for anything that makes your body move! (Link in bio)

Pictured: Black Dahlia leggings and our new Haus of Juicy snapback (coming soon 🤗).


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