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Yesterday was a super sunny day in NorthWest England. If you're familiar with the area, you will know that is quite exceptional indeed.

Now, when these days fall on the weekend, I usually miss them because I always think I have millions things to do, things I don't have time to take care of during the week when I'm working. In my mind it's "I need to do this, this and that" and thus I end up staying home tidying, prepping for the upcoming week, cleaning or on worse days wasting time on my phone looking at clothes I will never buy. I always want to go out and enjoy the nice weather but feel lazy or think it's too late anyways - a million excuses!

So this Sunday I had planned in advance that my day was going to be scheduled with a gym session, then a ride to the beach in Wirral. After training legs, walking some more on the beach did not feel like a torture. On the contrary, it was pure pleasure and allowed me to relax both my body and my mind, as I was away from any stressful things the city has to offer. For my first time on the beach in UK, I was quite satisfied, even if I know better as someone born in the Caribbean. Having my toes in the sand, my hair in the wind and the sun on my skin was enough to transport me in my mind to my native island of Martinique. I felt refuelled.

When I think about my Sunday, no I didn't end up doing a great deal of things, no I wasn't extremely productive in the rightful sense of the term because I didn't achieve anything on my current to-do list. But you know what, I still felt great at the end and like I had actually accomplished a lot, because I allowed myself to unwind completely for one full day, without spending time staring at a screen.

What I mean to say by all this is, it's okay to want to do other things than would normally plan to do or that you have to do, if these things make you happy and relaxed in a healthy way. It's important to take a break from this fast-life we live, take a step back from working, in order to "recharge our batteries" and feel full of energy and motivation. Doing this on the weekend, you will be glad it's Monday and ready to tackle a new week head on!

So next time you have the opportunity, get out there and do something you really like in your time off! Don't wait for thing to come to you - you make things happen.

Have a wonderful week JuicyGals :)


Yours Truly,

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