#StrongerTogether : Giving strength and power back to women

On Sunday 22nd July 2018, we filmed the very first #StrongerTogether campaign with these badass women on the picture above.
This project is for you ladies reading this, to let you know you are not alone in your endeavours, your struggle and feelings.
As women, we experience so many hardships and we sometimes fail to remember how amazing we are.
Through sharing our views and experiences, we want you to realise you that it’s not just okay to be YOU, but it’s actually GREAT!
Unfortunately, some of us ladies don’t yet have the knowledge or strength to be able to take a step back and understand that the standards of looks, body shape, beauty, personal & professional achievements set by Society, TV and Media are just so far from the actual reality.
So remember ladies, we’ve got your back and we’re here to show you that you are strong, smart, beautiful and badass. We want to build a support network that you can trust 100%. We need to keep being there for each other, by being kind, helping each other achieve our goals, supporting each other in the good AND the hard times, and just simply putting a smile on each other’s faces.
All because we are Stronger Together.
Thank you to all the ladies who made this happen, you are superstars!
Now, Tell us about you! Who’s supporting you? Who’s motivating to get to a higher level? Comment the name of the women in your tribe, share this article with them and remind them how great they are ❤️.
The video for this campaign will be up soon! In the meantime, get your sweat on with the first episode of our Workout Series on YouTube. All the girls’ gym sets are available online at hausofjuicy.com.

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