Here at Haus of Juicy, we believe women should not only feel great in their clothes, but also confident and sexy. Whoever said fitness clothes had to be boring and dull clearly has it totally wrong! As much as you ladies love to express your feelings and personality through your everyday clothes, and show off your curves with your night out outfits, why not do the same in the gym?

With our original cuts and prints, we guarantee you will stand out from the crowd. Wherever you will go, you will be in the spotlight with a sexy gym attire that will make everyone envy your curves.

We work in partnership with Brazilian brands to bring you the best fitness clothes with high quality, style and performance for your benefit and comfort. They are made from material that is moisture-wicking to keep you cool during your workout but also very durable to withstand all ranges of motion and many cycles of washing/drying. The fabric’s compression properties ensure that the garments will move with your body as well as support you movements while training, stretching, dancing!

We will also soon be producing one-of-a-kind jumpsuits in a limited edition! Both your body and your gym clothes will be a masterpiece. Make sure to follow our social media pages for the latest news on our products, as well as workout videos to inspire and spice up you training ;)


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Haus of Juicy is not another brand selling cheap fitness clothes with no life or personality, it is the embodiment of the lifelong dream of Juicy, a fashionista turned fitness addict.

Juicy is a 90s baby that has always been passionate about clothes ever since she played with her first Barbie doll. Her mom would sew her some miniature doll clothes that would be unique, from her imagination. From then, a keen sense of style grew as well as a desire to always be trendy and fashionable.

Growing up, Juicy had always been active and into sports, in particular martial arts, from Judo, to Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai. By the age 22, she was sucked into the fitness lifestyle as her mom introduced her to Brazilian fitness clothes. The bold prints and original patterns matched her bubbly and joyful personality. She found herself always being the brightest dressed at the gym, bringing some light into everyone’s darkness of attire!

It then became clear and inevitable to Juicy that she was meant to follow the path of fashionable gym clothes. Juicy created her company in 2016 from her new hometown of Manchester, UK to be able to share her love of fitnesswear with other women who felt as bright and bold on the inside as she does. 


From her words “Empower your curves. Be bold, be brave, be juicy!





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